"I am responsible for my own well-being, my own happiness. The choices and decisions I make regarding my life directly influence the quality of my days."

- Kathleen Andrus

When Disclosure Is Ethically or Legally Required



When Disclosure Is Ethically or Legally Required


Some of the circumstances where disclosure is ethically or legally required: where there is a reasonable suspicion of child, dependent or elder, abuse or neglect; and where a client presents a danger to self, to others, to property, or is gravely disabled (for more details see also Art Therapy Contract/Notice of Privacy Practices form). Disclosure may also be required because of a legal proceeding. If you are involved in a custody dispute, for example, or if you place your mental status at issue in litigation initiated by you, the defendant may have the right to obtain the Art Therapy records and/or testimony by Creativity From Within Art Therapy. In couple and family Art Therapy, or when different family members are seen individually, confidentiality and privilege do not apply between the couple or among family members. Creativity From Within will use clinical judgment when revealing such information. We will not release records to any outside party unless we are authorized to do so by all adult family members who were part of the treatment, and in all circumstances, any information released will be kept to a minimum.


Harm to Self or Others


If there is an emergency during the work with your Art Therapist, or in the future after termination, in which they become concerned about your personal safety, concerned about the possibility of you injuring someone else, or concerned about you receiving proper psychiatric or medical care, they will do whatever they can within the limits of the law, to prevent you from injuring yourself or others and to ensure that you receive the proper care. For this purpose, we may also contact the police, hospital or an emergency contact whose name you have provided. This is, however, very rare and in any circumstances like this, your Art Therapist will make every reasonable effort to discuss the situation with you first.